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Create a Clinical Faculty Academy for your community using this unique, all-inclusive turnkey program with curriculum-based training materials.

The Clinical Faculty Academy is a one-stop orientation to teaching. This comprehensive, two-day training program prepares bedside nurses for their new role as clinical instructors. The interactive training materials, based on adult learning theory, have been piloted, critically reviewed and refined. The nine education modules, which are consistent with National League of Nursing clinical competencies, range from pre- and post-conference planning to student evaluations. The Health Alliance is pleased to provide these unique resources to other communities that share a common vision for strengthening the nursing workforce. The Health Alliance of MidAmerica, a regional office of the Kansas and Missouri hospital associations, maintains the copyright on the curriculum. Click on the underlined headings to learn more about each topic.

Innovative Model  

Use our innovative model to create your own orientation for new clinical faculty. You will gain increased effectiveness in your new instructors and improved student outcomes. The Academy, which began in the Kansas City metropolitan region in 2005, is the centerpiece of a larger initiative to expand the number of clinical nursing faculty in order to increase nursing school enrollment.

The copyright-protected Academy training materials have been adapted to permit the replication and implementation of the clinical faculty training program in other communities through an all-inclusive turnkey program. The affordable pricing structure for the program is based on the type of entities involved and number of potential users. Organizations that purchase the Academy training materials will receive a CD with all the Word and PDF files for reproducing the Faculty Reference Manual for participants, Instructor’s Guide and Administrator’s Guide, including binder covers, logo, PowerPoint slides, evaluation form, and other sample documents. These organizations will also receive a password to a secure Web site to access future updates to the Academy training materials.

Mission, Purpose and Objectives

The Academy’s mission is to develop qualified staff nurses for the role of clinical nurse educators to increase faculty workforce and expand enrollments in nursing schools.

Sample Academy Brochure

The sample Academy brochure included in the turn-key program allows you to customize information to create your own two-day training session.

Session Topics, Objectives and Time Lengths

This outline includes the learning objectives for each individual session and can be used when applying for continuing education credits.

Faculty Reference Manual – Table of Contents

Each participant receives a Clinical Faculty Academy Reference Manual. The table of contents provides an overview of the materials.

Sample Text From Faculty Reference Manual

View a sample of curriculum from the Faculty Reference Manual on “Dealing with Difficult Students in the Clinical Setting.”

Sample Text From Instructor’s Guide

Individuals who serve as Academy presenters receive an Instructor’s Guide with key insights and tips for sharing the curriculum with slide-by-slide talking points. The Instructor’s Guide helps ensure content consistency  when presenters rotate or change with each Academy.  View a sample from the Instructor’s Guide on “Dealing with Difficult Students in the Clinical Setting” and the corresponding PowerPoint slides. This sample is consistent with the format, style and information contained in the other eight content areas.

Administrator’s Guide – Table of Contents

The administrator’s guide offers details on replicating the clinical faculty/nurse expansion initiative through use of the Academy, including sample documents and forms. The table of contents provides an overview of the materials. Administrators are given access to download all Word and PDF files to reproduce the participant Reference Manual, Academy logo, binder covers and PowerPoint slides.

Summary of Participant Evaluations

Since its inception in January 2005, the Academy model has trained a sufficient number of new clinical faculty in the Kansas City region to significantly expand educational capacity. Ongoing participant feedback has helped improve the curriculum and training materials. Overall participant rating of the Academy is 4.8, based on a 5-point scale. The specific participant rating for the Academy binder, materials and handouts is 4.9.

What Participants Say About the Academy

Past Academy participants have shared their insights and feedback. Click here for a representative sample of their comments.

For More Information

To learn more, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Purchase Academy Materials

To purchase the Academy training materials, contact Bryant McNally, Executive Director of The Health Alliance of Mid America, at 573/644-7400 or send an e-mail.