Mentoring Toolkit

The Mentoring Toolkit is a special training program containing resources that support the roles of the mentor program coordinators, mentors and mentees. The Mentoring Toolkit is designed for use by hospital nurses and allied health professionals; it can be used in new or established mentoring programs. This practical, how-to mentoring guide contains best practices, questions to jump start discussions, resources, checklists and activities.

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For Organizations Outside of Kansas City

Use the Mentoring Toolkit to help your nurses and allied health professionals develop effective and meaningful mentoring relationships. Mentoring can have a positive impact on patient care and overall hospital performance.

For Kansas City Nurses

This section is for nurses in the Kansas City area who want to learn more about the Nurse Mentoring Toolkit.

Healthcare Mentoring Toolkit LogoFor Kansas City Allied Health Professionals

This section is for allied health in the Kansas City area who want to learn more about the Healthcare Mentoring Toolkit.