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Mentoring can improve hospital culture, productivity and efficiency. With improved communication and job satisfaction, mentoring can have a positive impact on patient care and overall   hospital performance.

Caring mentors who provide encouragement and support can help others navigate the challenges of working in a hospital setting. A mentor is a good listener who can offer advice and friendship in a trusted relationship.

Mentoring offers the opportunity for:

  • professional enrichment and personal satisfaction
  • socialization
  • career growth, including certification
  • increased knowledge and understanding of shared governance
  • new challenges and opportunities

Mentors are often surprised by how much they also will benefit from the relationship.

About the Mentoring Toolkit

nurse mentoring toolkit_coordinators guide

healthcare mentoring toolkitThe Nurse Mentoring Toolkit and the Healthcare Mentoring Toolkit are designed for use by employees in a hospital setting and can be used in new or established mentoring programs. After the success of our Nurse Mentoring Toolkit, hospitals asked us to create a similar Toolkit for use with allied heath employees, so we developed the Healthcare Mentoring Toolkit. Included in both Toolkits are resources that support the roles of the mentor program coordinators, mentors and mentees. Best practices, questions to jump start discussions, resources, checklists and activities are included in these practical, how-to mentoring guides. The Toolkits were developed by the Health Alliance of MidAmerica LLC — a regional office of the Kansas and Missouri hospital associations in conjunction with representatives for area hospitals. The Health Alliance of MidAmerica LLC maintains the copyright on the Toolkit. The Health Alliance is pleased to provide these unique resources to other communities that share a common vision for strengthening the nursing and allied health workforce.

The Nurse Mentoring Toolkit and the Healthcare Mentoring Toolkit are sold separately.

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The Difference Between Orientation and Mentoring

Ideally after an employee completes orientation, he or she will be mentored. Experienced employees can also benefit from being mentored. The purpose of mentoring is to encourage, support and guide employees in their positions so that they will continue to grow personally and professionally. Mentors are coaches, advisors, friends, cheerleaders and counselors. The Mentoring Toolkit helps mentors develop an effective and meaningful relationship with their mentees.

Mentoring Toolkit – Content Overview

The Mentoring Toolkit includes 12 major sections with resources that support mentor program coordinators, mentors and mentees. The toolkit provides best practices, questions to jump start discussions, resources, checklists and activities in a practical, how-to mentoring guide. The Mentoring Coordinator’s Guide includes PowerPoint slides and instructor notes for organizations that wish to offer a Mentoring 101 workshop for their employees.

Sample Toolkit

Each section begins with an introduction page which states the purpose, perspective, how to prepare for this topic, tools and pointers. This gives mentors a quick view of the discussion starters, tools, handouts and other resources they can select from when working with their mentee. This link shows you the introduction page for the “Current Role” topic.

The copyright-protected Mentoring Toolkits have been adapted to permit the use in other communities through a unique, all-inclusive turnkey program with an affordable pricing structure. We have a simple one-time fee structure for four different types of organizations:

  • Nursing Schools
  • Critical Access Hospitals — licensed as 25 beds or less
  • Community-based Hospitals — single hospital, not part of a multi-hospital system
  • Multi-hospital System (with no more than five individual hospitals in the system)

Organizations that purchase the Academy training materials will receive a CD with all the Word and PDF files for using the Mentoring Toolkit, either in a print format or on a secure, online employee website. The organization also will receive a password to a secure website to access future updates to the Mentoring Toolkit materials.

Note: The Mentoring Toolkits are not available for purchase in Kansas or Missouri because the Mentoring Toolkits are coordinated by the Kansas and Missouri hospital associations.

For New and Existing Mentoring Programs

Whether you are starting a new program or already have a mentoring program in place, the Mentoring Toolkit will give your nurses the practical tools to be more effective mentors. This toolkit can be used as part of an on-going and established program. The Coordinator’s Guide contains resources for beginning a new mentoring program. The Coordinator’s Guide also includes information on mentoring program development, implementation, training and evaluation.

Not every hospital has a formal mentoring program. Nurses and allied health employees who want to mentor other employees outside of a formal mentoring program are encouraged to use this toolkit as a resource.

Purchase Mentoring Toolkit Materials

To purchase the Mentoring Toolkit materials, contact Bryant McNally, Executive Director of The Health Alliance of Mid America, at 573/644-7400 or send an e-mail. You will have access to updates, modifications or enhancements to Mentoring Toolkit materials via our password-protected website at no additional charge.