Nurse Preceptor Academy FAQs

The Academy training materials are an all-inclusive turnkey program. What does this mean?

The Academy training materials include all the information, materials and instructions to create a nurse preceptor training program and reproduce the model at your hospital/health system. The one-time fee includes everything; there is nothing more to purchase.

What is included in the Academy preceptor reference manual and instructor’s guide?

The two resource documents function together. The Academy preceptor reference manual is designed to be given to each preceptor who attends the one-day Academy session. It contains helpful information and practical tips that nurses need to serve in their role as preceptors.

The instructor’s guide was developed for the facilitators/presenters of the one-day Academy. It contains notes and tips with corresponding PowerPoint slides for each content area.

What educational foundation did the original authors use when they created the Academy training materials?

The eight content areas included in the Academy preceptor reference manual were developed by a team of experienced clinical nurse educators using identified best practices. These materials, based on adult learning theory, have been piloted, critically reviewed and refined.

Why is Kansas City selling the Academy training materials?

The Nurse Preceptor Academy model was originally developed under a Workforce Innovations in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) grant conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor. The 13 first-generation WIRED regions, including the bistate region of Kansas City, collaborate and share cutting-edge best practices among the WIRED participants. The Academy training materials have been made available to the other 12 first generation WIRED regions.

Because the response to the Academy model has been overwhelming, we developed a non-Kansas City version of the Academy training materials. The fees for the Academy training materials were established at a reasonable rate so other communities could use this model to develop and enhance the training of nurse preceptors. Proceeds from the sale of the Academy training materials will be reinvested into the original mission of the Nurse Preceptor Academy.

I noticed that Kansas City hospitals send their preceptors to a centralized Nurse Preceptor Academy for group training. How have the training materials been adapted for hospitals and health systems that want to conduct their own training?

The original Nurse Preceptor Academy training materials were developed as part of a grant and based on a communitywide Academy model that Kansas City-area hospitals could send their preceptors for training. The Kansas City experience is somewhat unique because the area hospitals are highly collaborative and part of the original stakeholder group for the WIRED grant. As a result, the Academy curriculum in Kansas City has become a gold standard of preceptor training.

The Kansas City materials have been adapted and modified so that the Academy model can easily be implemented at a single community-based hospital or a health system with several hospitals. The basic model and core curriculum are identical.

Why do organizations that purchase the Academy training materials need to report and submit annual data?

Each organization that purchases the Academy training materials signs a usage/release agreement, which includes annual reporting requirements for the first two years. See “Requested Data and Feedback Information.” We require feedback on the Academy model to help us measure its overall effectiveness and incorporate improvements.

Will you charge for future revisions or updates to Academy training materials?

No. As updates are made to the Academy training materials, those revised documents will be placed on the password-protected Web site for licensees to access the updated materials free of charge.

In our hospital, we have a unique aspect about training nurse preceptors that is not covered in the Academy training materials. Can we add another section to the copyright protected materials?

Absolutely. The Academy training materials contain core elements that may not cover specific hospital policies or procedures. For example, a hospital could include their own orientee evaluation form in the “Evaluation and Feedback” module. The format of the preceptor reference manual allows you to include additional sections if necessary or simply use the “My Idea File and Ongoing Education” section for such hospital-specific materials.

Can we make changes to enhance the Academy training materials to fit our unique needs?

Yes, organizations wanting to modify the copyright materials to fit their individual situation may do so with specific written permission.

Has the Academy model been implemented anywhere else?

Yes. In 2008, the Missouri Hospital Association replicated the program and now provides statewide access to its 151 member hospitals. The Kansas Hospital Association replicated the preceptor program for its member hospitals in 2009. Hospitals and hospital systems across the country have adopted the Academy model.

How frequently do you conduct the one-day Academy?

In Kansas City, the local hospital association conducts the Academy training sessions based on a collaborative approach in which member hospitals send their bedside nurses to the one-day sessions for group training. The one-day sessions, for about 15 to 30 participants, are held throughout the year to meet the demand by area hospitals.

We recommend individual hospitals that purchase the training materials for their own internal training to schedule the training at least two times each year or when sufficient numbers of new preceptors can be grouped together. This schedule recommendation depends on the hospital’s size.

Do you provide CEUs for the one-day Academy?

Yes. Our hospital association grants each participant educational hours. Consult your particular state because the CEU process may vary.

How much does it cost to reproduce the Academy preceptor reference manual and the instructor’s guide?

The cost to reproduce the Academy preceptor reference manual is approximately $13-15 per manual when produced in bulk by a commercial printer. This estimate includes the cost of the three-ring binders; printing and assembling the printed content; professional color printing of the front, back and spine binder cover inserts; and the cost of custom color divider tabs.

The cost to reproduce the Academy instructor’s guide is approximately $15-20 per manual when produced by staff on a high quality color office printer. This estimate includes the cost of the three-ring binders; color copying; professional color printing of the front, back and spine binder cover inserts; and the cost of custom color divider tabs.

Your costs may vary depending on actual regional costs, use of commercial printer versus office copier, color versus black/white printing, ability to purchase three-ring binders in bulk, etc.

How many nurses typically attend each Academy training session?

We recommend a class size of 15 to 30 nurses to allow for optimal group interaction.

Do we need to use all the PowerPoint slides during the one-day Academy session?

It is not necessary to use the PowerPoint slides for each of the content areas. Using a mixture of PowerPoint presentations, discussions, activities and other educational techniques will avoid what educators refer to as “death by PowerPoint.”

Do we need to include all the resources and references cited in Tab 9 when we reproduce the Academy preceptor reference manuals?

Yes. The Academy training materials contain adapted materials from other professional organizations and published authors. When you purchase the Academy training materials, you must include those references and citations to properly attribute the work of the original author.

Still have more questions?

Please contact Michael R. Dunaway, senior vice president of the Kansas City Metropolitan Healthcare Council, at 913-327-7200 or send an email.